Venison tartare, pickled vegetables, forest fruit gel, lovage mayonnaise, potato chips, pepper oil

PLN 39.00

Herring in apple vinegar, compressed apple in bison grass, pickled onion, potato, sour cream

PLN 29.00

Foie gras parfait, mirabelle plum gel, orange peel, pear, nuts, brioche

PLN 42.00

Mix of salads, blue goat cheese roasted in filo pastry, sea buckthorn, colourful tomatoes, raspberry vinaigrette

PLN 32.00

Each starter is served with bread, olive oil and butter.



Veal liver in Porto sauce with balsamic vinegar, bacon, ribbed celery, pearl onion

PLN 39.00


Pil - Pil shrimps, dried tomatoes, courgette, parsley, manchego cheese

PLN 37.00


Each starter is served with bread, olive oil and butter



White borscht, quail egg, boletus

PLN 19.00

Czernina (duck blood soup), dried fruit, roast duck, fried potatoes

PLN 18.00



Beef sirloin steak, veal cerebellum, pyra z gzikiem (potato with white cheese), caramelized root vegetables, demi glace with dark chocolate

PLN 89.00

Duck fillet marinated in gin, pear caramelized in honey, marinated beets, arancini, quince sauce

PLN 49.00

Lamb steak, roasted carrots, green peas, homemade French fries, demi glace with pearl onions and true morels

PLN 56.00

Cod sirloin, wild broccoli, pearl oyster mushroom, potato casserole with anchovies, lobster sauce

47.00 zł

Pierogis with buckwheat groats and white cheese, roasted carrots, pumpkin foam, lovage oil

PLN 24.00



Coffee mousse with chocolate, walnut cremeux, red orange meringue, crunch latte

PLN 18.00


Yoghurt cream, bergamot orange sponge cake, cucumber and Granny Smith apple sorbet, crunchy chocolate

PLN 18.00