Smoked beef tenderloin tartare, marinated mushrooms, mustard, pickles, wholemeal chip, micro herbs

29.00 PLN

Salmon marinated in soy sauce and lemon grass, tomato tartare, cucumber and mint cold soup, rice chip

28.00 PLN

Crispy lettuce, grilled halloumi cheese, confit tomatoes, olives, nuts, parsley chips, vinaigrette

25.00 PLN

Each starter is served with homemade bread and butter



Dashi with shrimps, tofu, udon pasta and shitake mushrooms

PLN 14.00

Maize cream, wonton with chicken and vegetables, tomato oil

13.00 PLN



Duck confit leg, beet marinated in balsamic cream, Silesian dumplings, pear puree, gravy with cherries

43.00 PLN

Cod tenderloin in green curry, mussels, spinach, sweet potato and thyme puree, leek oil

39.00 PLN

Beef tenderloin steak, rosti potatoes, cocottes vegetables, green pepper sauce

79.00 PLN

Lamb chop, roasted root vegetables in burnt butter, potatoes with horseradish, mint sauce

79.00 PLN

Pappardelle with boletus in white wine, fresh spinach, cocktail tomato and Parmesan cheese

31.00 PLN



Chocolate fondant, toffee, flamboiled oranges, cherry coulis

PLN 14.00

Cheesecake with raspberries, meringues

PLN 14.00