Roasted tuna, guacamole, concase tomatoes, tapioca chips, sesame oil

33.00 PLN

Beef tenderloin tartare, French mustard, pickles, buckwheat chips

34.00 PLN

Mix of lettuce and fried feta, olives, capers, cherry tomato, vinaigrette sauce

29.00 PLN


Each starter is served with freshly baked bread, butter and flavoured olive oil.



Ravioli with spinach and ricotta cheese, chanterelle sauce, parmesan cheese


Veal thymus with bison grass sauce, boletus in butter, parsnip puree

34.00 PLN



Żurek (rye soup) with egg and buckwheat groats

15.00 PLN

Boletus soup, croquette with parmesan cheese, crème fraiche

14.00 PLN

Bouillabaisse with seafood and herbal toast

16.00 PLN



Lamb shank, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, demi glace sauce with pearl onion

54.00 PLN

Beef tenderloin steak, butter-fried vegetables, hasselback potato, red wine sauce

79.00 PLN

Duck thigh confit, caramelized beets, steamed dumplings, spiced dressing

49.00 PLN

Halibut, vegetables in red curry sauce, jasmine rice, tapioca chips

52.00 PLN



Bavarian cream, blackberries, white chocolate crunch

16.00 PLN

Puffed pastry with mascarpone and fresh fruit, raspberry coulis

16.00 PLN